Coming Out...

by Jiffy Page

I’m a member of the club that no one wants to belong to…ever. I’m a parent whose child died.

It’s finally time to come out.
I’m a member of the club that no one wants to belong to…ever.
I’m a parent whose child died. Our son, Daniel, died in August 2000, at age 18.


Members of this club share an understanding that goes beyond empathy, which is helpful when we come across each other. We "get it” in a way we don’t want anyone to ever have to.


We know that:

  • Each of us is deeply scarred but we’re here, living. 
  • Others don’t know what to say to us; on our good days, we understand. 
  • A basic question like “how many kids do you have?” is tough to answer.


As a photostoryteller, I know the power sharing family stories has for you and your family. However it’s done – by simply sharing snapshots or thoughtfully-created photobooks - the storytelling process is both joyful and healing.

It is effort that matters.


And, telling the stories of our children who have died matters, too…a lot.


So, I’m coming out to offer my skills and joy in photostorytelling specifically to other parents in the Club of children who have died. Creating a photobook to share a story of your beloved child can and will be powerful and enjoyable.

Also, by aiding parents in celebrating and honoring their children who have died, I honor Daniel.


Here’s the thing: I know most of you reading this blog are not in the Club, and I’m happy for that.


But, if you are in the Club, I’d love to know.


Also, if you’re not in the Club, but know someone who is, would you please share this blog post with them? I want to reach as many of us as possible and support in their healing through this powerful and joyful storytelling process.

May you find ways to celebrate and honor the people important to you.

With my best wishes,




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