Downsizing Family Photos - By Accident

by Jiffy Page

I’d written the first draft of last month’s “Downsizing Joy” newsletter when I got a call.

The caller explained his family’s basement flooded while they were on vacation (everyone’s nightmare, right?)

Boxes and boxes of their family photos were soaked.

First, he thanked me. They’d discovered and followed the “Photo 911 – Save Wet Photos!” advice on our website; they now had drying photos laid out on white paper towels on every surface of their house. 

But, “What now?” he asked.

Having photos drying everywhere gave the couple pause – “Wait, we don’t need all these photos, do we?”

Although they hadn’t planned on it, they had a marvelous and urgent, albeit inadvertent, opportunity to downsize their family photo collection. Right now they could get clear on what photos they wanted and why, make the hard choices of what to keep, give away and throw away.

Yep, throw away.


The photos were everywhere. It was easy to look at each photo and ask, “Does it bring me joy?” It was easy to see all the duplicates and similar shots and to know what to give or throw away.

And the urgency of the situation – you can’t leave photos covering every flat surface! – required quick decisions. Really, a marvelous opportunity.

So, what now? Here’s what I recommended:

• Keep only the photos you love enough to frame
(you don’t have to frame them, but you get my point)

• Give those you don’t love to someone who will – or toss them

• Scan your “keepers” and keep the digital copies safe (save them in at least two places)


Urgent and inadvertent photo downsizing, while painful, gets the project done!

All the best,


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