photo, album and slide scanning

Your photos and the memories are precious. Insure your family stories can be told through your pictures for years to come and are safe from catastrophe. Let us convert your prints (loose or in albums), slides, film and VHS tapes to digital files. 

Pixorium is a local Atlanta company, not an internet someone across the country who may then send your irreplaceable photos across the ocean to be scanned. They're cheaper, to be sure, but, in our mind, risky. We're here for those folks who prefer to work with people they can meet and trust.

Also, you should know we use only flatbed scanners, giving each image care and attention. Our scanning includes cropping, color correcting and orienting each image individually. Some companies call what we do "custom scanning." That's right, actually. You're only going to scan images once; do it well.

Give us a call and set up an appointment. You'll meet us, see where we do the scanning and where we store your precious pictures when we're not working on them. We'll review your pictures, talk about why you're scanning them, discuss any special requirements, and confirm a schedule and a price.

Interested in our pricing? See the simply scanning prices.

Contact us. We're here, in Atlanta, to provide personalized, professional scanning services to enable you to save and share your family stories.

What story you want to tell?