A handcrafted show is a marvelous way to tell a family story or celebrate or honor a loved one. Think of birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, rehearsal dinners, reunions, retirement or memorial gatherings...

We create professionally produced shows from your pictures, printed memorabilia (cards, invitations, tickets) and music. We’ll add a title, quotations or poems and credits at the end as you specify. We’ll add effects to enhance the story, like zooming in on face in a crowd shot. We can add narration to the show to help tell the story. And, we’ll help you organize and plan your show to make it just what you envision.

Prices start at $500 for a handcrafted 8-10 minute show with 2 hours of photostorytelling consultation, up to 100 pictures, a title, closing credits, up to 3 additional text images, and up to 4 pieces of your choice of music, all combining to tell your story in a truly compelling way and presented in a personalized DVD box case and DVD label for the master copy of the show.  Also, all our shows include the scanning of your tangible photographs and a master image disc of those digitized photos.  


We're here to help. Read our nine tips for planning your show to assist you in putting yours together. 

Or, just contact us. We’ll show you samples of the shows we’ve done, talk about possibilities for your show and give you a firm cost estimate.

Remember, we are a local Atlanta company, here to work with you and your family pictures side-by-side.

What story you want to tell?