Some of our favorite story ideas

Here’s a list of some of our favorite family story ideas to help you get started:

How and when did your parents/grandparents meet? What did they do for their first date? How and when did they fall in love? Where both families happy with the relationship? If not, why? What are the interesting stories about their relationship and early life together?

How and when did your parent/grandparent get his or her first job? Is it what they’d always wanted to do/be? If not, what were the circumstances behind getting this job? How did this job affect his or her future job choice? Are there any interesting stories about the work they’ve done in their life?

Have there been hard times in your family’s life? What were they? How did they cope with them? What lessons did they learn from them or how were they changed by the hard times?

How did your family come to live in the city/town/house where they now are? How long have they been here? What has been interesting about their life here and different from where they lived before? If they’ve never moved, please tell some stories about life here before it is the way we know it now.

What was daily life like for your parents/grandparents? What a typical day was like in the 1920’s (or whatever era you choose). What did they eat for breakfast? What did they wear? Where did they go and when? What did they do in the evening? What did they do for fun?